EAACI Varsovia 2009

The prevalence of allergic diseases, especially allergic rhinitis and urticaria, is steadily increasing worldwide and has a marked effect on patients’ quality of life. Histamine is the main mediator involved in the pathophysiology of these diseases, which is why international, evidence-based medicine guidelines for allergic rhinitis and urticaria clearly recommend antihistamines as the first-line therapeutic treatment.

The development of new and more modern antihistamines will increase our therapeutic options to the benefit of allergic patients.

During this Symposium, three world-renowned experts will present the latest information concerning the current state-of-the-art and research into antihistamines.

Professor Martin K. Church will explain the mechanisms of action of antihistamines and the importance of identifying which is the ideal antihistamine for providing high efficacy and a good safety profile.

Professor Carlos Baena-Cagnani will discuss the need to implement evidence-based medicine and the international guidelines concerning the treatment and control of allergic diseases.

Finally, Prof. Mario Morais de Almeida will show how the development of modern antihistamines will improve the quality of life of patients suffering from urticaria.

Only registered health professionals are allowed to see the report