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Di Fraia M, Tripodi S, Arasi S, Dramburg S, Castelli S, Villalta D, Buzzulini F, Sfika I, Villella V, Potapova E, Perna S, Brighetti MA, Travaglini A, Verardo P, Pelosi S, Zicari AM, Matricardi PM.

J Med Internet Res. 2020 Mar 16;22(3):e16642. doi: 10.2196/16642.

Seasonal allergic rhinitis affects patients exposed to pollens to which they are sensitized. The etiological diagnosis and therapy of allergic rhinitis require an evidence that exposure to the sensitizing pollen triggers allergic symptoms. Electronic clinical diaries can demonstrate this association as patients can record disease severity scores and pollen exposure. However, there is a lack of adherence in patients who have spontaneously downloaded an e-diary application.

The aim of the study @IT-2020 project was to evaluate adherence of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis to symptom recording via e-diary clearly prescribed by a specialist within a blended care approach. Italian children and adults with seasonal allergic rhinitis were included and instructed to record their symptoms, medication intake and general conditions daily through a mobile app (Allergy.Monitor) during pollen season.

A total of 101 children and 93 adults with seasonal allergic rhinitis were included and showed a slow decline in the adherence to device use during monitoring: from 90% at the end of the first week to 70 to 80% from the seventh week onward. At the individual level, the adherence evaluated in the second and third weeks predicted with enough confidence the overall participant adherence to recording.

If prescribed and motivated by an allergist in a blended care setting, the adherence to daily recording in an e-diary is very high, which supports their use in addition to face-to-face visits for diagnosis and treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis. The proper use of mobile health technology in monitoring seasonal allergic rhinitis strengthens the blended care approach.

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